DAP stands for Andrea D’Apolito. For years it has been just the nickname given by his schoolmates, but one day it happened to become the name of a songwriter.

Dap was born in Pisa in 1984 and soon the family moved first to Rome and then to Munich. The german years at the International School have been crucial to the future work of DAP since it has been there that English became a sort of second mother-tongue to him.

In his childhood, music appeared in the form of a piano teacher that not only introduced him to his future as an artist but that he also remember as the first woman he had a childish crush on. After the piano came the guitar, and only some years later his energies moved towards the study of singing and songwriting. After high school DAP attended the Music College in Rome and started to take his first steps in composing and performing researching a folk-inspired sound and poetically refined immediacy in the lyrics. At the same time the strong belief that art is nothing without sharing brought him to many collaborations with other young musician and songwriters of the Italian music scene.

His first album, resonances, marks a turn in his carrier. The work is a selection of 8 songs written in the last years covering every shade of life, from personal experiences, to unrequited love, to a more wide look on humanity.